domingo, janeiro 02, 2011

do manual de boas condutas indie

PAVEMENT Eis Stephen Malkmus falando sobre Range Life, música do álbum Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, do Pavement:

"It's pretty self-explanatory. It's written from the perspective of someone who just doesn't get Smashing Pumpkins or wherever they came from - just as they don't understand the market forces that brought them into the forefront of consumerism. But I appreciate it's a weird thing to do, to mention other bands in a song. One reason for doing that was because we spend more time talking about records than making them, and I knew the journalists would jump on that song. I wanted to see how the media process works in a situation like this. They're gonna want to ask why we dissed Smashing Pumpkins instead of talking about how the lyric in 'Heaven Is a Truck' is really beautiful. Another reason was because I've always wanted to fight Billy Corgan. Just kidding! The song is also like a burn on Pavement, showing us to be little, petty indie rockers trying to keep bands off our turf. It's not designed to upset anyone - it's fairly, playful, I hope."



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